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Kanye West Demands Fan In Wheelchair Stand Up






He just fucked himself

Headline is misleading, that’s not how it went down at all. This is a better summary of the events. The way every news outlet was covering this, you would think that Kanye is being an ableist prick, when it’s far from it. And watching the videos, he did not berate anyone, he did not publicly humiliate anyone, he did not demand a fan in a wheelchair to stand up. 

except for the fact that he IS being ableist; he’s doing what able-bodied people commonly do to physically disabled people, by harassing us and being abusive of us, to where we are actually driven to PROVE - risking our physical and mental health - that we aren’t ”faking” it.

to tell somebody you HAVE to stand up, and are only ”EXEMPT” from being forced to stand up is berating us, and it is ableist.

is it not beratement that somebody had to hold their prosthesis in the air to prove they were ”ok”? is it not public humiliation?

when there are people who do not use mobility aids - perhaps thy feel embarrassed, can manage enough at the time, cannot afford one, have been harassed, and so on - and you harass them to the point of ”you better have your accessibility placard”, when it is perhaps extremely difficult to do so, while you’re being pointed out and people are looking at you -  that is harassment, and it is abuse. it is ableist.

we do not need to be visibly disabled to ”prove” we’re disabled. we do not need to have mobility aids to ”prove we’re disabled. we don’t need to carry placards or i.d. to ”prove” we’re disabled.

this is literally just another manifestation of abled people policing our right to exist, and seeing us as only existing for them. he’s done this several times now, but i actually don’t [personally] see kanye as being at any more fault, or being any different, than most of the abled people who’ve made comments about him - who have presumed somebody in accessible parking has ”faked” it, harassed a disabled person, used ableist shit like ”wheelchair-bound”, and so on.

most abled people calling out kanye care as little about disability, or using their privilege to educate other abled people about ableism, but are using our oppression to justify their anti-blackness.

he was being abusive and ableist - but no more so than many other abled people.

"Ferguson is deliberately violating both the laws and its own policies to prevent any information from being produced and made public that could be used to hold Officer Wilson to account for his actions."

Please don’t forget about Ferguson, and listen to what black kids have to say, but don’t support FCKH8


They profit from civil rights movements to sell T-shirts and do not donate proceeds to charity. They’re bad people. I’m not reblogging the post that made me want to say this because I don’t want to give them more notes.

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